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Akhepran BLOG

Finding Meaning in a Global Pandemic

Finding Meaning in a Global Pandemic We all recognize these are unprecedented times. The stars are aligning. The planet is rebalancing itself, and we are left frightened, uncertain, and asking questions of ourselves. At this collective moment, we are all at home, contemplating the nature of our existence. I know for me, this perpetual quarantine has […]

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The New Black Minimalism

There is something about the nature of simplicity that appeals to the spirit. I’ve always enjoyed living in small spaces, and less living space pushes me to curate my life with intention, keeping only what is necessary and beautiful, with no room for extra. When I sit with the concept of minimalism, I can’t help […]

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There is a growing awareness and concern in Black communities across the globe regarding access to healthy, nutritious food. In the Bahamas, there is a growing trend in agriculture that promotes backyard farming adopting practices that tend to center on how our ancestors in the Bahamas were able to sustain themselves throughout history.  Sustaining the [...]
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