Well Being


The nature of Well Being is close to the heart of African people, for centuries, our very Being has been called into question- negated. We are continually trying to prove our right to exist in the world as spiritual Beings. It takes tremendous energy to seek acceptance from those who do not wish to give it. Who you are is, without question, Divine. You are acceptable in everyway. You are beautiful and made in the image and likeness of the Creator.

Akhepran seeks to reconnect the ties to our own culturally-centered knowledge of health and healing to bring harmony to the spirit of African peoples, using our language and script of origin from Ancient Kemet (Land of the Black) as a framework.

The Khepra symbol is the symbol of transcendence and transformation. The symbol/function of the scarab beetle in Creation is a key to unlocking the potentiality in ourselves: We are connected to primeval times through our ancestors, our Divine Spirits have endured, we Beings with the conscious capacity to transform ourselves and Become.

We are Beings who become each day like the rising of the sun. We are collectively tied to this process… rising.

The courses in our Well Being series, speak to this rising, this divine Becoming. Recognizing our own divinity is the first step in the journey to better health and wellness. 

You have everything you need to consciously Become. 

You are the everything. 

Enjoy the journey.